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100% Carbon-Neutral

Traditional moving services can be very costly for the environment, and Fenton Moving is operated by a team that cares deeply for sustainability. That is why we partner with NativeEnergy to offset 100% of the carbon emissions from our operations.

Our offset purchase supports the May Ranch and Jagers Ranch Avoided Grassland Conversion Projects in Colorado. These projects protect Colorado's remaining native grasslands by preventing their conversion to crop-based agriculture. Conversion of these grasslands would result in the loss of soil carbon and threaten the grasslands ecosystem. By conserving this land, the May and Jagers Ranch projects maintain the rich carbon stocks found in grassland soils, and protect the habitats of the swift fox, pronghorn antelope, and many more native species and migratory birds. See photos of these beautiful landscapes below.

This project of ours is built at no cost to our clients. By choosing Fenton Moving, you will not only receive the highest degree of care as you transition to your next step in life, you will also be benefitting the environment!

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