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Bringing peace of mind to California's moving industry

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Noah's Solution

Reliability & Honesty

Founder and owner Noah Fenton created Fenton Moving in 2017 after witnessing the staggering amount of pain and difficulty that friends and family experienced when hiring moving services. Noah saw an opportunity to provide the Orange County community with a company that would take outstanding care of its clients' homes and the valuables within. Since its founding, Fenton Moving has grown to service hundreds of satisfied clients, whether they moved across the street or across the country.

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More than Movers

Our unique value proposition to the moving market is our most sincere care. We stand by our guarantee of client satisfaction, and will make all efforts to relieve any stress or unhappiness with a job. Think of us as your home's genuine and professional caretakers during its transitional period!


We are experienced in moving homes of all sizes, from studios and apartments to 6 bedroom houses.



Relocating business and office spaces is just another talent of ours!



If you have not yet found a new home for any of your belongings, we offer storage services as well.

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